We have some great changes instore for you!

We’ve added a new member to our team to bring the website right up to date, and make it do all the things we need it to.
It might take a few months, until then, this is the interim site.
It’s basic and at the time of writing a touch spartan, but bear with us: Terry knows what he’s doing!

Roll up, Roll up, get your tyres here!

Since opening our doors in 2003, we’ve sold and fitted tyres. Yet we’ve never really advertised that fact and certainly never sold them on line.
Until now
We now have a dedicated 4×4 tyre website where you can get our current fitted prices for the majority of 4×4 tyres. You can either book them on line or call us up direct to book in or ask any advice on tyre selection.
Click here for 4x4 tyres